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Yesterday Swiss Youth TV visited Starkart and had a talk with the charming Tanya König in front of the current NO(W)HERE* Expo. Tanya talked about her various occupations. She works for the The Voice at SFR (Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen), Blick (Ringier) and Swiss (Airline). In the interview she speaks about her passion for art and popular culture which also contains Urban Art. She studies at the University of Zurich […]

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Today Students from the University of Zürich (UZH) visited the NO(W)HERE* expo. They were peaking me with questions about Urban Art Events. After some explaining, some more questions about our artspace, graffiti, street art, our site old house full of graffiti and Tags on the outside (another artspace) where the gallery is located and some laughs the questions were more or less answered. So then we had still some time […]

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Parody at it’s finest. A piece from a vandal (Banksy) for another vandal (Toxic) who sits in jail for vandalism, got perspexed and his own CCTV to protect it from vandalism. Banksy in New York: Better Out Than In Currently he is in NY and has a artist residency in the streets of New York. His doing everyday new pieces during October in the Streets, which he then post’s then […]

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