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Stencil Bastards 3 Opening Pics

Here a few nice pictures of the Stencil Bastards 3 Opening:

It was a great evening and lots of people came and enjoyed the stencil art, the drinks, the music and themselves. Almost all of the artists where still here and so they had some good chats with the Stencil-aficionados. I was later laying down some serious tunes on the turntables, most of the people liked it a lot, there was some dancing involved… Thanks to all who showed up! Hope we see you for the next show again.

The Stencil Bastards concept: for a month several different micro-cosmoses of Stencil Art will be shared with visitors in the gallery. Each of the Stencil Bastards will be represented in a room of his/their own. The artists put their stencils on found objects, canvases and of course directly on the wall as well. Visitors will be surrounded by fresh international Stencil Art. In addition to presenting new original Stencil works the exhibition seeks to bring people together and raise awareness for stencil art in the streets.

Stencil Bastards 3
25. July – 29. August 2014
Opening: 12 July 18 – 24 h
Hours: Thu/Fri 17 – 21 h, Sat 14 – 20 h
Starkart Exhibitions, Brauerstrasse 126, 8004 Zürich

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