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NO(W)HERE* Urban Art Expo extended

The Urban Art Expo NO(W)HERE* is extended till 14th. April due to high demand!
So everyone who has not seen the expo till now, this is the last chance.
Come by and get a sense of the Urban Art Culture
21. February – 12. April 2014 / / Tue/Fri : 17-20 h, Sa 14-19 h

Here’s a interview with me, talking about the NO(W)HERE* expo.

Many thanks to Tanya König for the interview and Martin Arpagaus for making this video.


Shepard Fairey – Invader – C215 – Paul Insect – Ludo – Kidult – Vhils – Dran – DalEast – Mark Jenkins – M-City – ROA – Faith 47 – Smash 137 – Escif – Hyuro – Stinkfish – JAZ – Judith Supine – Swoon – Sweet Toof – Lush – Blek Le Rat – Blade – Ben Eine – ReRo – Martin Whatson – Mau Mau – Stf MoscatoPenny.

NO(W)HERE* Urban Art Expo

Starkart presents the first Urban Art Expo in Switzerland. Since this art movement enjoys internationally great recognition, seems like Zurich is now ready for an expo on this topic. First of all, with the exhibition NO(W)HERE* we want to invite all the curious people. Come with us on a journey through space and time and experience the phenomenon of Street- and Urban-Art. STARKART wants to equip you with knowledge regarding the origin and diversity of Urban Art. The works of 3 female and 27 male artists from five continents will be shown in this unique expo. By means of the works shown at the NO(W)HERE* expo, there is supposed to be an exemplary approximation-ability towards the artists’ often very extensive oeuvre.

The artworks are presented in clear steps. In addition to form, motives and colors, we think that intertextuality and complex reference-structures, that go above and beyond the artwork itself are especially relevant. As a result their respective positioning within the urban space should be most of all critically re-viewd. Visitors can get a compact encounter with various visual characteristics and techniques. This makes it easier to see through the thick and diverse urban art-jungle. We show Stencils, freehand sprayart, pasteup, objects and installations. Furthermore there will be videos, texts and guides on the topic. The probably most fun part is the «DIY» Do it yourself – stencil action workshop, where visitors can get their hands dirty and create their own stencil. For those that always wanted to own an original Banksy, this is the best opportunity…

Come in and find out 😉

Roman Leu

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