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NO(W)HERE* visited by students of the UZH

Today Students from the University of Zürich (UZH) visited the NO(W)HERE* expo. They were peaking me with questions about Urban Art Events. After some explaining, some more questions about our artspace, graffiti, street art, our site old house full of graffiti and Tags on the outside (another artspace) where the gallery is located and some laughs the questions were more or less answered. So then we had still some time left over, so everyone took a stroll through the exhibition. Then, some of the students took the chance to make and own a original Banksy. So they had a lot of fun making stencils on everything they could imagine (well not cutting only the spraying). Some used their t-shirt or notebook-bag, some made it on normal paper just like savages they are 😉 … but after a while all were satisfied and had their own original Banksy! What a day. 🙂
Roman Leu

Photography by Catherine Eisendle

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