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First, the product features: master chip using the ITE IT1327, IT1327 is a … pressure to USB test socket / BGA 100 aging seat / nand flash burner / empty seat Leanlinks

This is a experiment. starkart has to change. the art world has to change. art production has to change. we have been in the “business” of art quite enough to see that the economical and ecological output, that we see in the art world of post-modernism ,or the so called contemporary art, in reality it’s not even art – in fact – but almost pure business, which is based heavily on deception and relativism – the art-speak or prestige suggestion. Post-Realism. The art bubble is going to burst. It will be over soon – post-contemporary. here in this online experiment we take a new approach: experimental google searches / “abstract” linking, writing and web-based experimental =hypertext links / art links / blockchain links, broken links, link dumps, hyperlinks / web based art / post-links, post-contemporary, post-art Xanadu, the ultimate hypertext information system, multiplication of associations, concept of branching, nonlinear writing or nonsequential writing / quoting without copying is a transclusion =hypertext enfilade. questions that still challenge hypertext/hyperlink designers today: if you change a document, what happens to all the links that go in and out? Can you edit a document but preserve its links? What happens when you follow a link to a paragraph that has been erased? hyperism is the state of mind of todays culture. what are the effects on aesthetics, culture and society? today 4K, algorithmic video, 3D animation, animated GIF, web-based artwork, and VR are the weapons of choice for most artists. but is that enough? Is it accelerative? Algorithms and viral culture, are still a powerful mechanism of decentralized learning and cyber-exploration. Whats next? Post-contemporary values such as creativity, holism, complexity, quality, passion, interconnection, responsibility foremost, the jurisprudence of citizenship? Or the Fear of content? Netzwerk-Müdigkeit? Regularity art chauvinists seem to dictate what we should or shouldn’t do in the world of art… whats the progression? #Hypermodernism #New Aesthetic #ObjectOrientedOntology #Postcontemporary #Postmodernism
#Remodernism #Speculative Realism #Transmodernism #Vaporwave

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