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meme wars

Meme Wars | Know Your Meme
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this is a experiment

Meme Wars is an expression often referring to online rivalries in which opposing factions use internet memes to battle against one another or more generally as ./// #memewars hashtag on Twitter
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See Tweets about #memewars on Twitter. See what people are saying and join the conversation./// Meme Wars: The Creative Destruction of Neoclassical … – Amazon

Meme Wars: The Creative Destruction of Neoclassical Economics | Kalle Lasn, Adbusters | ISBN: 9781609804732 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit … ///
Meme Wars Archives – Tablet Magazine
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Meme Wars: The latest wave of Chinese immigrants prefers colorblind meritocracy over victimhood-based affirmative action, at the expense of blacks and …///
npc22478366 NPC #257568 NPC01135333 NPC5249920 (@npcboi) | Twitter The latest Tweets from NPC5249920 (@npcboi): “We hide our faces because we do not feel safe in Trumps america. If you feel the same please change your … /////
NPC01135333 @NPc64605419 5h5 hours ago. More. Copy link to Tweet; Embed Tweet. If you can read this, you’ve helped me reach 10 followers. Thank you!
The latest Tweets from NPC3120v1_1 (@npc3120v1). Orange man bad. I agree with ending the Patriarchy. #Resist #ItWasHerTurn #Repeal2A #BlueWave./////
The latest Tweets from Fearful NPC Visonary (@npc454510). National Progressive Coalition Proud resistor! Anti-Fascist! Impeach 45! #BlueWave # resist …
NPC01135333. 28 minutes ago. @npc0100482 @npc2774653 @ N38749837427 @NangRichard @thoughtpolice @jack @RealJamesWoods @ Alyssa_Milano …/////Republicans…’s tweets #Republicans… – 料理教室…
NPC01135333 @NPc64605419. RT @npc07675209: I officially endorse democratic politicians #295 #153 and #936 because of their strict adherence to main … ////// Activity Map Analyse Visualise Alert · @krassenstein @realDonaldTrump Can’t watch it. about 15 hours ago · Twitter for Android · en. Detail. 0 0. NPC01135333.
Egalitarianism – Wikipedia
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Weiter zu Marxism – Egalitarianism or equalitarianism – is a school of thought that prioritizes equality for all people. Egalitarian doctrines maintain that all …
‎Men are created equal · ‎Political egalitarianism · ‎Christian egalitarianism /// What’s Left in egalitarianism? Marxism and the limitations of liberal … – Diese Seite übersetzen
von C Sypnowich – ‎2017 – ‎Zitiert von: 1 – ‎Ähnliche Artikel
04.08.2017 – Contemporary Marxism may seem to have been eclipsed by the dominance of Left‐liberalism in egalitarian thought. Since Rawls, the liberal …
‎Abstract · ‎INTRODUCTION · ‎MARX AND JUSTICE · ‎THE LIMITS OF LIBERAL … /// Was Marx an Egalitarian? | Jay Eisenberg –
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2 G.C. Cohen, If You’re an Egalitarian, How Come You’re So Rich?, 103. Marxists might well be contested, not least by Marx himself who consistently spurns … /// What is the relationship between Egalitarianism and Communism (and ……/what_is_the_relationship_between_ega…
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23.10.2014 – 7 Posts – ‎3 Autoren
Is Egalitarianism just a facet of liberal bourgeois ideology? Is there an Egalitarian streak to Communism or Marxism? /// is communism a type of egalitarianism? – Quora – Diese Seite übersetzen
29.11.2016 – Well, contrary to what many believe, Marx’s version of communism (before Stalin ruined it) wasn’t egalitarian. “Hence, equal right here is still in principle …
Can someone help me distinguish between Communism, Socialism … 5. Nov. 2017
Why is communism considered egalitarian when the definition ‘A … 5. Okt. 2017
How can someone be Marxist and a Nietzsche fan at the same time? 1. Juli 2017
Weitere Ergebnisse von /// Egalitarianism (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
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von R Arneson – ‎2002 – ‎Zitiert von: 145 – ‎Ähnliche Artikel
Weiter zu Karl Marx on Equal Rights – Interpreting Karl Marx as an egalitarian normative theorist is a tricky undertaking, however, in view of the fact that he … /// Trolling, shilling and the never win strategy of insulting other projects…/trolling-shilling-and-the-never-win-strateg…
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20.12.2017 – Two nights ago I posted an exciting screenshot of OpenBazaar showing our integration of Bitcoin Cash and Zcash as I was testing it. Several … /// What is “trolling” and how is it different from “shilling” ? — Steemit…/what-is-trolling-and-how-is-it-different-fro…
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We all Troll … Trolling is simply the act of “taking the mickey” and can range from funny to outright abuse.… by vaerospace. /// Trolling….. and shilling – The giffgaff community…/Trolling…shilling/…/16998…
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21.07.2015 – I referred – incorrectly – to such behaviour as “trolling”. In fact I should have described it, more accurately, as “shilling”. describes … /// Shilling & Trolling |
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03.10.2018 – I have had discussions with quite some people who also listened to the Proper Gander podcast series, both the 220 “sane” ones and the about … /// This post reeks of shilling or trolling. : belgiummeta – Reddit…/this_post_reeks_of_shilling_or_trollin…
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13.05.2018 – 4 Posts – ‎3 Autoren so_when_will_belgium_finally_get_a_kfc/ New account, only comments are in that thread.///
Brigading is an online harassment tactic where a group of people rally against an individual (or occasionally against a small group of people) in a coordinated, …
/// What is “brigading” and how do you do it? : OutOfTheLoop – Reddit…/comments/…/what_is_brigading_and_how_do_you_do_it…
May 22, 2015 – 4 answers – ‎4 authors
Downvote brigading, or just brigading, is when a group of users, generally outsiders to the targeted sub or community, “invade” a specific subreddit or larger community and flood it with downvotes in order to damage karma dynamics on the targeted sub. ///
Vote brigading – Wikipedia
Vote brigading is massively coordinated online voting. It refers to the practice of affecting reviews or scores on websites that feature crowdvoting, such as online stores or review websites, by calling on large numbers of people to submit (often false) reviews, thus boosting or decreasing ratings artificially.

/// “Thanks for calling us a cologne” – Axe Body Spray’s marketing department, probably. /// While searching I discovered that her whole Internet presence has been thoroughly scrubbed right before her testimony. /// Twitter: “The NPC troll accounts violate our terms of service and must be banned because they dehumanize people!” Also Twitter: “A prominent Democrat Louis Farrakhan can keep his account because calling Jews ‘termites’ isn’t a violation of our terms of service, you bigots!

#metoo #bigot #sarah_jeong #npc_memes #OrangeManBad #false_news #snowflakes #Non-Player-Charakter #NPC #transphobia #drumpf #misogyny #refugees-welcome #deplorables #bigotlooser #trumpster #nut_job #basement_dweller #brigading #shadowbanning #doxxing #deboosting #demonitize #global_warming #pattern_recognition #ist #ism #phobia #celebrities #Post-Realism #idpol #identitypolitics #dehumanization #virtue_signaling #hack #networks #WhiteCelibacy #incel #TheFutureIsBrown #resist #BelieveWomen #AllMenAreRapists #MenCanBeWomenToo #thefutureisgrey

If {facts != world_view}
{ print “fake news” ;}

@Nate Peter Cardinale @Nataniel Phillip Collins @nutsack porn creep

6 months ago. Wonderful to see the photographs from @dqst_uk @ BarnstapleLibr @BarnstapleLibr. Thanks to @jimwileman for all his amazing work. #UP. 1. 3.

an experiment.

We have to understand the economical output, which we see in the art establishment, is based on the philosophy of post-modernism. The so called contemporary art, is not even real art. It’s not about art. It is a business tactic, directed towards market enhancement, which is based mainly on deception and relativism – the art-speak. Prestige suggestion and power projection is used from the upper echelons of the art world to implement hegemony in the market. This relies upon the “prestige” and authority to suggest a high value of the works, interlinked with the ability to apply any needed elements of power (political, economic, informational) to rapidly and effectively deploy and sustain forces in and from multiple dispersed locations to respond to crises, to contribute to deterrence, and to enhance regional stability in the art industry. Strategic culture strategic relativism

The is no real overarching narrative. The art bubble is going to burst. Post-modernism will become post-contemporary.

In this online experiment we take a new approach: experimental google searches, focus on twitter doxxing/shadow-banning, facebook purge/ banning, #hashtags, youtube demonetization /flagging / “abstract” linking, abstract writing, trolling, shilling, web-based experimental = hypertext links / art links / blockchain links, broken links, 404 links, link dumps, hyperlinks / web based art / post-links and post-art.
The ultimate hypertext information system, multiplication of associations, concept of branching, nonlinear writing or nonsequential writing / quoting without copying is a transclusion =hypertext enfilade. hyperism is the state of mind of todays culture. what are the effects on aesthetics, culture and society? today 4K, algorithmic video, 3D animation, animated GIF, web-based artwork, and VR are the weapons of choice for most artists. but is that enough? Is it accelerative? Todays Algorithms and viral culture, are still a powerful mechanism of decentralized learning and cyber-exploration. Whats next? Post-contemporary values such as creativity, holism, complexity, quality, passion, interconnection, responsibility foremost, the jurisprudence of citizenship? Or the Fear of content? Netzwerk-Müdigkeit? Regularity art chauvinists seem to dictate what we should or shouldn’t do in the world of art… whats the progression? #hypermodernism #netart #postinternet #internet_ofthings #new_aesthetic #objectorientedontology #postcontemporary #postmodernism #newrealism #relativism #cultural_marxism
#remodernism #speculative_realism #cultural_constructivism #transmodernism #vaporwave

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