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Aesthetic communication in urban areas and internet today

…. The kinds of aesthetic communication have changed substantially.
In urban areas, as on the Internet, there is a concentration of energy, kinetics, and information. This concentration acts as a catalyst and thereby promotes spontaneous cross-reactions. As increasingly more people around the world live in large cities, the cultural currents in these metropolitan areas are highly relevant on a global scale. Art movements such as “Net Art”, “Urban Art” or “Street Art” explicitly address this issue and simultaneously shape social developments. Urban Art and Art Net are both independent of architecturally bound locations, allowing them to subvert existing structures. Thus, they not only challenge the current visual, aesthetic, and conceptual concept of art , but rather demand a fundamental redefinition of information. Because the artists do no exclusively communicate with a specialised audience, but rather want to appeal to everybody, they use use a familiar language. They are not, however, bound by it. The creations of these artists show up most unexpectedly (in public spaces and the internet), are temporary, and are not necessarily designated as art. This cultural enrichment promotes vigilance and awareness in everyday life. Art appreciation shifts to the street, the office, and the home. Because of these interesting and important developments, Starkart focusses on Urban Art and Net Art……

Aesthetic communication in urban areas and internet today by Roman Leu, Sept. 2012

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